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Pain Clinics in Ireland

An out-patient pain management clinic focuses on trying to provide a comprehensive, holistic pain assessment and if possible find a diagnosis for patients with chronic pain. This in turn can assist in devising a treatment plan or plan of care for each individual patient. The participation and inclusion of the patient in their own management is very important.

Some patients may be referred for investigations e.g. x-ray or scan but this is not always necessary or beneficial. In some cases they may be also referred to see another multidisciplinary pain specialists e.g. pain psychologist or physiotherapist. Some patients if suitable, will be recommended for pain interventions or injections which are usually performed some weeks later as a day case. These interventions can assist in diagnosing pain conditions as well as providing pain relief, where possible.

Location of Pain Clinics in Republic of Ireland:

St.James’s Hospital, Dublin 8


Adelaide and Meath and National Children’s Hospital (AMNCH),Tallaght, Dublin 22


St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin 4


Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin 1


Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9


University College Hospital Galway (UCHG), Galway


Sligo Regional Hospital, Sligo


Mercy University Hospital (MUH), Cork


Cork University Hospital (CUH), Cork


Mid-Western Regional Hospital (MWRH), Dooradoyle, Limerick


St. John's Hospital, Limerick


Waterford Regional Hospital, Waterford

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