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By Laws of the IPNMS

Article 1. Name

The name of the organisation is the Irish Pain Nurses and Midwives Society.

Article 2. Mission Statement

The Irish Pain Nurses and Midwives Society (IPNMS) is a specialised professional organisation of registered nurses, midwives, health care assistants, student nurses and student midwives.

The IPNMS is committed to promoting the understanding, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pain by supporting activities such as professional practice, education, research, advocacy and networking. It seeks to provide a collective voice in order to increase knowledge of pain and transform public policy and professional clinical practice to reduce pain and pain-related suffering.

Article 3. Aims of the IPNMS are:

3.1.1. Provide a networking forum to disseminate valuable evidence-based pain information and knowledge.

3.1.2. Advance the understanding and knowledge of pain.

3.1.3. Serve as a scientifically-based resource concerning local and national policy issues related to pain and clinical practice of pain management.


3.2.1. Organise scientific meetings

3.2.2. Have a website: http://www.IPNMS.ie

3.2.3. Publish newsletters

3.2.4. Lobby for the improvement in pain management services at national and international level and negotiate with stakeholders to advance pain management services in Ireland.

Article 4. Membership

There shall be two categories of membership of the Society;

4.1.1. Regular Members: Registered nurses, midwives, students and midwifery students, and health care assistants interested in the mission of the Society. Past Presidents of the Society shall achieve Life Member status within this category. Each Regular Member shall be entitled to a vote.

4.1.2. Undergraduate nurses or midwives: Nursing and midwifery students who are interested in the mission of the Society may apply. Student Members may be asked to verify student status annually. Student members shall have no vote nor hold office.

4.2. Appointment of Members

Any person interested in becoming a member shall submit an application form for membership to the Treasurer and Membership Co-ordinator. A person shall be appointed as an Honorary Member / Affiliate Member upon receipt of an application for membership and approval by confirmatory vote of a majority of the Society.

4.3. Rights of Membership

4.3.1. Benefits: Membership in the Society is an opportunity dependent on adherence with the requirement of these By Laws and such other general requirements of membership that the Society may implement. Members shall obtain benefits that the Society decides. All members within a category will receive identical benefits.

4.3.2. All Regular Members who are paid-up members are permitted to one vote on matters brought before the membership. The mechanism of voting at the AGM will be determined by the committee.

4.3.3. No Power to Bind Society: No member or group of members may enter into a contract or agreement binding the Society, financially or otherwise. Only the President of the Society may speak on behalf of the Society or Committee Members who are appointed by the President of the Society in writing to speak in his or her stead. No part of any work or publication produced by the IPNMS may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted in any way, means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the IPNMS.

4.3.4. Termination of Membership: Any member may surrender his or her membership in the Society by giving written notice to the Secretary. The Society, by majority vote, may cancel membership for good cause. The Society will not reimburse any dues upon either voluntary relinquishment or involuntary revocation of membership. In addition, the member shall surrender any and all rights and privileges of membership upon termination.

4.4. Membership Fees

4.4.1. Annual Payments: Members shall pay fees according to the requirements of the Society. The Society may consider a different amount of fees to be paid by each category of membership. Fees shall be payable to the Treasurer upon acceptance of membership application, and will be renewable in January of the following year. In the event of a new application being received after January, fees are calculated pro rata and renewed the following January for a full calendar year.

  1. Undergraduate student:10.
  2. All other members:25.
  3. Delinquency in Dues: A Member who has not paid dues within a period of six months after billing shall be informed of forfeiture of membership unless all indebtedness to the Society is met within thirty days of the notice of forfeiture. A former member can restore membership upon payment of dues.
  4. Waiver of Dues: The Society may waive the obligation of payment of dues from a particular member according to guidelines approved by the Society.

4.5. Meeting of Members

4.5.1. Time and Place: A general meeting of members shall be held at such time and place as shall be decided by the Society, taking place during the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society. When there is no such meeting, the officers of the Society shall meet at a time and place that is acceptable to the majority. Special meetings of the Members may be convened by the President, having at least one-third of the Society or by Regular Members having at least one-third of the votes permitted to be cast at such meeting.

4.5.2. Notice of Meetings: The Secretary shall notify the Members of the venue, day, and hour of the General Meeting in writing or electronically not less than one month prior to the meeting. The President or Regular Members calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall notify the members of the venue, day and hour of the EGM in writing or electronically and of the purpose(s) for which the meeting is convened. Notice of an EGM may be of a shorter duration.

4.5.3. Minutes of Meetings: The minutes of every meeting will be kept by the Secretary. Copies of past minutes are available for member viewing on the IPNMS website, in the document section. The unconfirmed minutes of each meeting will be presented for correction and approval at the following meeting.

4.5.4. Quorum/Voting: A quorum is one-tenth of the Regular Members represented in person.

Article 5. Officers-Executive Board

5.1. Officers.

The Officers of the Executive Board of the Society shall be the President, the President-Elect, the Immediate Past-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. The Society may select other Officers of the Society. The election as an Officer of the Society shall not of itself generate any contract rights in the Officer or the Society. The Officers of the Society complete the Executive Committee of the Society.

5.2. General Duties.

  1. President: The President shall preside at all meetings, be responsible for executing policies determined by the Society, and act as principal spokesperson for the Society.
  2. President-Elect: The President Elect shall support the President in his / her functions as the President shall request, and shall perform the responsibilities of the President in his or her absence.
  3. Immediate Past-President: The Immediate Past-President shall support the President-Elect in his/her functions as the President shall request, and shall perform the responsibilities of the President-Elect in his or her absence.
  4. Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for preservation of the records of the Society; prepare the minutes of all meetings held by the members and the President; and execute such other functions as provided by the Officers of the Society. The Secretary will distribute the minutes of all meetings within 20 days of the approval of the minutes.
  5. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be the principal Financial Officer of the Society. He or she shall keep complete and precise accounts of receipts and funds belonging to the Society. He or she shall pay out the funds of the Society as may be directed by the Society and shall submit to the President at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) a report of the financial situation of the Society. The Treasurer shall deposit all monies and important belongings in the name and to the credit of the Society, in such institutions as may be chosen by the Officers of the Society.

Additional Executive Board Officers

  1. Website Officers (2)
  2. Education Officers (2)

Where a need arises a Sub-Committee may be formed to help with additional duties.

5.0.4. Reimbursement.

The Society may reimburse Officers for services provided following approval of the IPNMS Committee in such realistic amounts. The provision of receipts of expenditure must be accompanied by any invoice seeking payment or reimbursement.

5.0.5. Terms of Office.

The terms of office of the Officers of the Society shall commence at election at the AGM and end at the AGM two years later or until his or her earlier resignation, removal from office, or death. Only the Secretary and Treasurer shall be permitted to succeed themselves in their individual offices for one further term, however, exceptions will be permissible in cases where a roll on period is required to train individuals into specific roles such as Website Officer.

5.0.6. Election of Officers to the Executive Board.

  1. Nominations: At least one month prior to the AGM, the Committee solicits nominations from Regular Members of candidates for the offices of President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. Only Regular Members may be nominated for an office in the Society, and a Regular Member may propose only one person for each office to be filled. Only present or past officers, excluding the Immediate Past-President, may be proposed for the office of President-Elect.
  2. Secret Ballot: The elections will be conducted by secret ballot for one position at a time in the following order; President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer. Every individual Regular Member shall be permitted to one vote for each of the officer positions to be filled. The candidate who receives the most votes shall be considered to have been elected. If any candidate receives an identical number of votes, the election will be repeated with the exclusion of the lowest-scoring candidate, if applicable.
  3. Taking Up Of Office: The decision will be made at the AGM following election of the new committee as to when the new committee will meet.

5.0.7. Resignation.

Any officer may resign following the submission of a letter of resignation in writing / e-mail.

5.0.8. Vacancies.

On the occasion of a vacancy arising related to an officer of the Society, except the President, The Officers shall vote for one of its Officers to serve in such capacity for the rest of the unexpired term.

If the office of the President shall become vacant, then the President-Elect shall without delay serve in the role of the President for the rest of the unexpired term as well as the succeeding term.

In the case of the vacancy of the Immediate Past-President, the Executive Board will continue to function with its remaining members, with the President having the casting vote.

Article 6. Financial and Administrative Issues.

6.0.1. Financial Year.

The financial year of the Society shall commence on the first day of January and end on the thirty-first day of the following December. The committee will appoint an auditor to review the IPNMS accounts every two years.

6.0.2. Budgets and Accounts.

All expenditures must be for the purposes authorised by these By Laws and must be within the Annual Budget. The Officers of the Society may authorise the establishment of a special bank account and authorise the Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer to deposit funds into and withdraw funds from the account; subject to withdrawal limitations established by the Society and the Financial Advisor.

6.0.3. Borrowing Authority and Loans.

No loans or borrowings shall be contracted on behalf of the Society.

6.0.4. Administration.

The Society shall keep accurate and comprehensive records of the accounts, activities and transactions of the Society, minutes of all meetings, a current list of all Members and Officers of the Society and their addresses.

All records of the Society may be examined by any Member who has voting rights following approval of the President.

All documents which involve the Society must be signed by two Officers of the Executive Board.

Article 7. Dissolution of The IPNMS

In the event of dissolution of The IPNMS, the distribution of any remaining funds will be redistributed to The Irish Pain Society (The Irish Chapter of The International Association for the Study of Pain).

Article 8. Amendments

These By Laws may be amended at the AGM by one-third of the voting members present provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing three months before the AGM.

The IPNMS Executive Committee shall have the power to adopt such amendments.

Certificate of Adoption

I hereby certify that:

On the 6th May 2016, these By Laws were read, approved and ratified by the Officers of the Executive Board of the Society and were read, approved and ratified by a majority of votes cast by voting members of the Society.

Officers of the Executive Board: 6th May 2016 - 6th May 2018

Immediate Past-President: Cathy Sexton

President: Niamh Mollow

President-Elect: Alex Kelly

Secretary: Fiona Irwin

Treasurer: Elaine Clear

Website Officers: Lynn O'Connor & Alex Kelly

Education Officers: Caroline Mitchell and Norma O'Keeffe