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  • HSELand, Encountering, Assessing and Managing Pain.

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You will need to: Step 1. visit www.hseland.ie Step 2. 'create new account' or 'login as registered user' Step 3. Go to 'learning resources' Step 4. search 'Encountering, Assessing and Managing Pain'

This module is comprised of 3 parts and aims to improve our understanding of the management of pain particularly how we deal with pain in the various patient populations we encounter such as neonates, maternity services, older persons and also those with intellectual disabilities.

Each unit covers a specific aspect of pain management.

Unit 1 discusses the encounters we have with the various patient populations. It highlights the importance of the subjective nature of pain and how it is a unique experience for each individual. Theories of pain as well as dimensions of pain are presented in an effort to help our understanding of pain and its subjective nature.

Unit 2 examines the assessment of pain and identifies the pivotal role health care professional have in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating pain management. Using the mnemonic ASK AND LISTEN as well as practical examples, it guides us through best practice in pain assessment.

Unit 3 considers the various mechanisms for managing pain using the mnemonic EVIDENCE which is predominantly concerned with medications but also considers the importance of the multifaceted nature of pain and how we must manage the patient holistically.

Health care professionals have an important role to play in the management of pain, this module serves to provide guidance, knowledge and understanding of the patient’s individual experience of pain.

This online learning programme takes approximately 90 minutes to complete overall, but you can enter and leave the site as often as needed. This programme has been awarded An Bord Altranais Category 1 approval.

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  • UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems, Dublin.

Programmes in Pain Management for Health Care Professionals

  • MSc (Advanced Pain Management)
  • MSc (Advanced Pain Management with Prescriptive Authority)
  • Professional Certificate Pain Management

MSc Advanced Pain Management (105 credits: Level 9)

This master’s degree in Advanced Pain Management is unique in the Irish setting and responds to some of the initiatives required for the continued and future development of practitioners who wish to provide the highest quality of care by deepening their knowledge base in the field of pain management across communities. Practitioners will develop a sophisticated questioning approach and practical experience of the scientific method in the context of diagnostic challenges pertinent to acute, chronic and cancer pain and pain survivorship.

This programme runs over two years and will support individuals who wish to make pain care an advanced part of their portfolio and in addition, plot their career development. The supervised clinical practicum in year one and two will ground practitioners in actual pain practice across a variety of multifaceted environments. The programme has ASPMN Affiliation and an IPS Scholarship for the student who achieves top grade in the Professional Certificate Pain Management.

MSc Advanced Pain Management with Prescriptive Authority (120 Credit: Level 9)

The purpose of this master’s programme is to assist nurses to advance their knowledge of pain management and to apply their skills in state-of-the-art pain techniques for acute, chronic non-cancer and cancer pain. It aims to provide a specialist pain programme to enable nurses to incorporate new understandings of pain management into their current practice with patients, and families and provide nurses with the education necessary to become registered nurse prescribers.

The attractiveness and advantage of this programme is that it enables nurses to obtain their MSc. within the same timeframe as other students completing a master’s programme and can register both as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and as a Nurse Prescriber. The programme has ASPMN Affiliation and an IPS Scholarship for the student who achieves top grade in the Professional Certificate Pain Management.

The supervised clinical practicum in year one and two will provide facilitation, primarily through hands-on practice for advancing knowledge and skills in acute pain, chronic non-cancer pain and cancer pain management techniques.

Professional Certificate Pain Management - One Semester (15 credits : Level 9)

The Professional Certificate (Pain Management) will be delivered from September to December. (Please contact Anne Waters at Tel: 01-7166491 E: annef.waters@ucd.ie).

This programme is at level 9, with 15 credits. The supervised clinical practicum will give students an opportunity to assimilate evidence-based pain principles at the bedside.

The programme has ASPMN Affiliation and an IPS Scholarship for the student who achieves top grade.

These programmes have been developed in collaboration with Dr Laserina O’Connor and Colleagues, Department of Pain Medicine, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.

Dr. Eileen Furlong (Prog Co-ordinator) Tel|: T Tel

Tel: (01) 716 6478 E: eileen.furlong@ucd.ie

Dr. Laserina O’Connor (Senior Adjunct Lecturer)

Tel: (01) 8032115 E: Loconnor@mater.ie

Bernadette Manley (Admin) Hours: 9.30 to 12.45 pmE Bernadette.manley@ucd.ie 01

Tel: (01) 716 6499 E Bernadette.manley@ucd.ie

  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin.

Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing/MSc Nursing (Specialist Practice).

This course aims to develop expertise within the specialist area of practice. www.rcsi.ie/

  • Queens University Belfast.

Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma and MSc in Pain Science and Practice aims to promote multidimensional understanding of pain management.


  • Cardiff University Wales.

Pain Management MSc/PgDip/PgCert, distance/e-learning course for health care professionals who want to specialise in pain management.


  • University of Edinburgh

MSc/Dip/Cert in Pain Management provides advanced pain management education for graduates involved in pain management.